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4 Ways to Remove Common Stains from Floor Mats

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You walk into a room with a drink or food item and suddenly lose your grip. It spills on the floor and on to not-so-easy to clean surfaces. Everyone has done it, so we get it—household accidents can happen at any point. Common household items, food, and other items can accidentally be dripped or spilled onto any surface. Luckily, keeping your floor mat stain-free does not have to be a big challenge. But when it happens, do you know the best way to remove the stain and keep your quality floor mat in its best condition? Follow these cleaning tips in order to best care for a stained floor mat.

  1. Use warm water.

Applying warm water to the affected areas helps to remove major parts off the stain. Grab a cloth, dab with warm water, and gently press on the spot in order to soak the stained portions of the mat. Keep applied until the area is not too damp, but has a proper level of coverage. This will help to loosen the stain. For certain oil stains such as paints and other water-resistant materials, you may need to use a small amount of turpentine to left the particles from the mat.

  1. Scrub area gently.

Gently scrub the stained area with the damp cloth until the stain has been sufficiently removed. Scrubbing too hard can lead to a damaged floor mat, so check every 10 seconds or so to make sure you aren’t tearing up your mat’s material or vibrant colors.

  1. Dry treated area.

Using another dry and lint-free cloth, take the time to properly soak up the remaining liquid. Remember to use a different cloth than the first one used to dampen the stain to prevent the spread of stains on other portions on the mat…or face the possibility of re-staining the same place you just spent time and effort cleaning.

  1. Place back in proper spot.

Now that your floor mat is good as new, you can easily put it back where it belongs: in a space that brightens your room and invites old and new guests to your home. Or maybe take the opportunity to place it in another room to keep your interior designs fresh and exciting to see!

We hope these 4 tips help you keep your floor mats clean and beautiful for a long time.