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5 Ways To Keep Your Floor Mat Looking Like New

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A welcome mat is one of the first things your guests will see upon entering your home. And depending on the state of it, this can make or break someone’s first impression of your home. With proper care, you can have your floor mat looking clean and brand new! You, too, can make every entrance grand with a floor mat that never appears to age.

  1. Give your floor mat a shake-down. Want to shake things up a bit? Then shake out all the dirt and debris from your floor mat. Be sure to do this outside or in a place where you won’t mind the possibility of dirt flying around. This is probably the most popular and basic way of dealing with any extra yuckiness that might linger around your floor mat. Other times, you might need to resort to extra measures.
  2. Vacuum your floor mat. Vacuuming your floor mat is not only more effective than simply shaking the dust off of it, but all-around cleaner. Simply gliding your vacuum over your floor mat’s surface will do it a whole world of good. Using a vacuum cleaner is the most simple solution to getting rid of any unsavory stuff that your floor mat collects.
  3. Give your floor mat a good, old fashioned scrubbing. Sometimes, cleaning your floor mat altogether is the only way to get rid of gunk that’s embedded itself into the fabric. Fill a spray bottle half way full of mild dish soap, then fill the other half with water. Spritz the floor mat’s surface while focusing on any “problem areas” that are especially dirty. (A soft-bristled brush works best for this.) Once the floor mat is all soaped up, spray it with a hose and hang it out to dry. Please make sure the floor mat is completely dry before using it again, as mixing the moisture with any leftover bacteria can cause mold growth.
  4. Let essential oils bring your floor mat to life. Aromatherapy involves using essential oils and one’s sense of smell to bring about health and well-being—that includes your floor mat! Try spraying your floor mats with a mixture of warm water, ½ teaspoon of baking soda, and ten drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle. Peppermint oil, lemon oil, and cinnamon oil are particularly known for their cleansing properties as well as their pleasant aromatic fragrances.
  5. Keep your floors clean. Make vacuuming or sweeping the floor a regular, if not routine, practice. Doing so will lessen the amount of dirt that is able to cling to your floor mat’s fabric. Keeping your floors clean makes it more certain that any dirt and debris that appears on your floor mat probably came from outside of your immediate area. Besides, why not enjoy the luxury of having clean floors?

Keep your floor mat looking as good as new with these 5 easy tips!